Ancestry display issues – is your ad-blocker leading to a problem?

Here’s a tip on avoiding a particular display issue with Ancestry when using Chrome. The problem of the spinning wheel started occurring for me in October. The little wheel kept spinning, and the page of match lists would not scroll and display properly.

I followed the usual Ancestry instructions to clear down cache to no avail. I also noted that the problem was not occurring in Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera.

I recently discovered what was the cause: the ad-blocker that I’ve had installed within Chrome for several years. Something changed in Ancestry’s October feature release that doesn’t “play well” with uBlock Origin, my ad-blocker of choice.

I solved this particular problem by disabling the ad-blocker for Ancestry only. That’s a simple matter of a single click. Once done, and I hit page refresh, I no longer get the spinning wheel of eternal doom.