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Let us transform your Ancestry matches into data-rich spreadsheets
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No credit card required for a Free Trial, which includes:

  • Full Match Distribution Report
  • Sample Enhanced Match Spreadsheet (top 400 matches)
  • Sample Shared Match Spreadsheet (top match)

Match Distribution Report

Start with the Big Picture!

This report shows you the total counts of your Ancestry matches within ranges of centimorgans (cM).

These ranges are useful cut-off points for planning your research. The lower cM ranges typically take more time and effort to establish the link to your family tree.

The example is real data for one customer in December 2019. She has 1.009 matches that are at least 15 cM, and a further 5,270 matches that are at least 10 cM. She chose to focus on her High Five Thousand matches.


Breakdown of matches by cM

Enhanced Ancestry Match Spreadsheet

Now for the details. Lots of details!

We give you each match in a single row, showing you key information at a glance. The real power is being able to filter, sort and search on any and every attribute in the Ancestry spreadsheet.
Ancestry Match Spreadsheet

Thousand(s) of matches with key information for sorting and filtering

Stop spending months scrolling through Ancestry for useful matches.

Use our powerful filters to ask focused efficient questions like:

“Show me matches with a linked tree of at least 20 people.”

“Sort the list from high to low by the size of tree.”

“Show me relatives with at least 10 shared matches.

“Sort the list from high to low by the number of shares.”

“Only show matches who joined since October 2019.”

“Sort the list by tree size and  shared matches.”

Power Filters include:
  • Tree Size
  • Visible Shared Matches
  • Hidden Shared Matches
  • Creation Date
  • Manager
  • Notes Content

* these filters are not available in Ancestry


You probably know that the Ancestry Shared Match page only lists shared matches with whom *you* share at least 20 cMs.

We show you the count of the matches listed on the Ancestry Shared Match page in the “Visible Shared” column. We use the “Hidden Shared” column to count shared matches that won’t show up on your Ancestry Shared Match page. Unlike Ancestry, our reports include all shared matches within the data set that you’ve ordered, regardless of cM.

Ancestry Shared Match Spreadsheet

Ancestry Shared Match Spreadsheet

“Shared Match Report”:
Includes those elusive “hidden” shared matches!

Unlike Ancestry, our reports include all shared matches within the data set that you’ve ordered, regardless of cM. Ancestry won’t show you shared matches below 20 cM on the Ancestry Shared Match Page, we call these the “Hidden” shared matches.

Shared matches are probably most useful when they have a tree of a size that indicates it goes back several generations. A size of “3” is probably Match and Ma and Pa…not so helpful. Our Ancestry spreadsheet report allows you to filter on everything: including a minimum size of e.g. 10 persons in a linked and/or unlinked tree. 


  • No payment or credit card required upfront.
  • 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.
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How does this service work?

You give us temporary access to view your DNA Matches.
We transform your matches into enriched spreadsheets and reports.

How long does an order take?

One minute of your time to grant us access (we’ll show you how).
Delivery on our side is 2-3 days from when we schedule your order .

What happens to my data?

You retain all ownership. We do not log into your Ancestry account. Our Ancestry account only has the temporary Viewer permissions you grant us.  Check out our Privacy and T&Cs linked in the footer.

Who is this service for?

You should have a basic familiarity with spreadsheets.
If you can sort and set basic filters, we’ll show you the rest.

Do I need Microsoft Excel?

No. You can use a free alternative e.g. OpenOffice Calc.
You can also import your reports into Google Sheets.

Who operates this service?

“Boyne Analytics” is our brand name for this service. It is operated by M.C.O.B. Technology Ltd, which has been in business since 2004. Check our About page linked in the footer.